Manufacturing Processes



We introduce numerous facilities such as a mold automated storage system, a materials automated transport system and a fully automated pouring system that we independently conceived and designed, drawing on our casting technologies accumulated over long years. We continually create uniform and stable products using these systems under a strict quality control structure that encompasses sand control and temperature control.



To raise product precision and efficiency, we deploy our developmentally designed original processing special-purpose machines that integrate the best technologies.



Although this process requires expert technologies and automation is difficult, it is needed for affecting quality as water-related decorative fixtures. In this process, we also possess barrel polishing machines and laser marking machines and are promoting labor-saving operations.



Fully automated plating equipment plays a key role in ensuring products that are rust resistant and that have a beautiful luster. With the automation of plating, 25 processes such as water washing, ultrasonic cleaning and electrolytic degreasing can now be finished in approximately one hour. We have adopted the closed system method for plating waste fluid treatment as we promote water recycling and pollution-free operations.



We utilize our original testing machines that integrate cutting-edge technologies and carry out pressure inspections and water condition inspections to maintain high quality.