Corporate Governance

KVK’s Concept of CSR

The KVK Group is working to contribute to building a sustainable society that earns the trust and meets the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors and the local community, through manufacturing focused on providing easy-to-use products for all people developed from a customer perspective.

KVK considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as being a central aspect of corporate management. We put our management philosophy into practice in carrying out our business activities and strive to build good relationships with all of our stakeholders and thereby ultimately enhance corporate value.

KVK’s Relationship with Stakeholders

Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

Based on its management policies and with the aim of maximizing corporate value, the KVK Group strives to make flexible and accurate responses to changes in the business environment, as well as to strengthen its competiveness, and believes that creating a highly transparent and sound management structure while enhancing the checking functions and raising the fairness of this structure are crucial issues. As part of these efforts, the KVK Group is working to strengthen its corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Structure