Corporate Outline

(As of March 31,2020)

Founded February 5, 1939
Established January 25, 1949
Head Office 641 Inari, Takahata, Tomika-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture 501-3304, Japan
Tel: +81-574-55-1120
Principal Business Lines 1. Faucets
2. Pipe fittings, plumbing equipment
3. Faucet parts
Capital 2,854million yen
Number of Shares Outstanding 8,347,078
Fiscal Year-End March 31
Securities Identification Code 6484
Board of Directors and Auditors (As of June 26,2020)
President and
Representative Director
Masayuki Suematsu
Director Tomoaki Ozeki
Director Mitsuo Tsubota
Director Masanao Sugiyama
Director Takumi Nagahama
Director Tomoyasu Mizutani
Director*1 Masayuki Okuda
Senior Corporate Auditor Kyoji Morita
Auditor*2 Katsumi Sugiura
Auditor*2 Hiroyuki Mori
*1 Outside Director as stipulated in the Company Law (Article2, Paragraph15)
*2 Outside Auditors as stipulated in the Company Law (Article2, Paragraph16)
*1, *2 All outside directors and outside auditors are appointed as independent officers as stipulated by domestic financial instrument exchanges.
Number of Employees
801  1,267 (Consolidated)
*Temporary employees included
*The number of non-consolidated employees excludes employees temporarily transferred by KVK to other companies.