Manufacturing Processes



Utilizing our cutting-edge casting technology and accumulated experiences through the years, we have introduced machineries that enables sharp transfer from pouring sand to die-cutting through careful selection and management of moulding sand, that forms the basis for casting. We have also state-of the art equipment and facilities, which include a melting system that can handle a wide variety of materials anticipated in the future thus enabling us to continuously perform a regularly stable and uniform castings under a strict quality control system.



To speedily produce better high-end quality products, we have implemented strict quality control procedures through the introduction of Auto Dimension Measuring Equipment and Quality Inspection Devices based on our unique milling know-how and improved machining accuracy and efficiency. Intellectual technology is improved daily through the integration of skilled craftmanship and cutting-edge milling equipment at the machining center, producing processed products with high dimensional accuracy and improved reproducibility.



This process requires skilled craftsmanship and polishing of the product with utmost care. As a decorative product along with a water system, one of our important mission is to enhance the design of the product. We are committed to the form and beauty of our products, rigorously and uncompromisingly pursuing reliable quality and aiming to create environment-friendly products through automation with human-machine integration.



Fully automated plating machine plays an important role in products that are irresistible to rust and have a beautiful luster. In our automated plating facility, coating is done through 33 processes such as cleaning, nickel plating and chromium plating. Not only metals but also plastic materials are coated, and our plating wastewater treatment uses an ion exchange device to promote water recycling and make it pollution-free.



We manufacture high-end quality products by conducting pressure resistance and water flow inspections using our own testing equipment that incorporate advanced, cutting-edge technologies.
Being very particular about our production system, we continuously work on efficient, zero waste manufacturing process based on the philosophy to manufacture products only "when costumers need it", what they need" and "how much they need it". We also provide safe and secure working environment for our workers.